Superhero Valentines

I love comics and I love Valentine’s Day, so over the years I’ve collected a lot of different superhero valentines. Here are just a few of my very favorites:

1966 Batman Valentines

Superhero Valentines - Batman 1966 1 Superhero Valentines - 1966 Batman 2

Love that 1966 Batmobile! (And that hand lettering!)

Superhero Valentines - 1966 Batman 3

Superhero Valentines - 1966 Batman 4

I dunno what it is exactly that Batman has against a giant red heart, but I trust that he know what he’s doing. He is Batman after all.

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1979 Marvel Valentines

Superhero Valentines - 1979 Spider-ManSuperhero Valentines - 1979 Spider-Man 2

Too late, Spidey, my Stalker-Sense is tingling.

Superhero Valentines - 1979 Hulk 1

Superhero Valentines - 1979 Hulk 2

Nothing says I Love You like the threat of impending violence. This one makes Spidey look downright well adjusted. Sheesh!

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1980 DC Superhero Valentines

Superhero Valentines - 1980 SuperFriends 1

OK, these are actually kind of amazing. The idea was to punch out the various parts, put them together, and make 3D action valentines. I tried a few out and they’re challenging, but so rewarding. Here’s some more…

Superhero Valentines - 1980 SuperFriends 2

That PlasticMan one is disturbing. Just saying.

Superhero Valentines - 1980 SuperFriends 3

Batwoman?! That’s clearly Batgirl.

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More 1966 Batman Valentines

Superhero Valentines - 1966 Batman 2 - 1

People simply could not get enough Batman back in the 60’s. Even if they’re weird and pretty poorly drawn. And have the answers upside-down on the bottom.

Superhero Valentines - 1966 Batman 2 - 2

Robin, you’re making me… uncomfortable. Also, that’s a rope, not a trapeze.

Superhero Valentines - 1966 Batman 2 - 3

OK, you’ve got me on this one. Batman stabbing a dragon/snake with a heart to demonstrate his feelings?! Bad. But that “THUNK!” sound is just awful!

I dare you not look at the rest of these.

1978 Wonder Woman Valentines

Superhero Valentines - 1978 Wonder Woman 1

OK, technically these are more general romance cards than true Valentine’s Day cards, but I couldn’t resist sharing these.

Superhero Valentines - 1978 Wonder Woman 2

Environmentalist Wonder Woman, you had me at ‘energy crisis.’

Superhero Valentines - 1978 Wonder Woman 3

That is pretty lame, but I’m not proud. Yes. Yes, Wonder Woman, I would.

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So, if you’re in a lurch for superhero valentines, feel free to print these out! And have a super Valentine’s Day!







Fast on the Draw – Valentine’s Day Cartoon

This month’s Fast on the Draw is one for all the lovers out there. Enjoy this Valentine’s Day cartoon:

Valentine Cartoons

February 14th is fast approaching, so I thought I’d share this year’s crop of valentine cartoons! (Plus a few extras.) Enjoy!

 Valentine Tech Support

Vlaentine Cartoons #7455

‘Tis better to have paired and lost than never to have paired at all.

Valentine Quotas

Valentine Cartoons #7456

But his platonic friendship numbers are through the roof!

Valentine Meetings

Valentine Cartoons #7457

I have to say, I don’t love drawing cherubs. So drawing four of them in a meeting was not something I was looking forward to. Thankfully I really liked this joke.

Valentines, Inc.

Valentine Cartoons #7458

Awww…  I mean, oh… I mean, ewwww…

Valentine Dietary Concerns

Valentine Cartoons #7459

If I ever obtain an allergy to chocolate, you have my permission to pull the plug. But grab and pull it by the plug, not the cord, OK? That’s not safe.

Valentines (order Araneae)

Valentine Cartoons #7460

I spent a lot of time look at closeups of spider faces for this cartoon. Take that, people who say I don’t suffer for my art!

OK, so that’s this year’s batch of valentine cartoons. Still not feeling the love? Well, here’s some…

More Valentine Cartoons

valentine Cartoons #7163

I’ve had to read this aloud at a few presentations. It’s tricky and it takes a little pre-talk practice. So if you hear me doing it, I’m not crazy, I’m preparing.

Valentine Cartoons #6834

This is probably one of the downright meanest valentine cartoons I’ve ever done. But it makes me snort when I laugh.

Valentine Cartoons #6520

I’m more of a Marvel guy than DC. And that shirt was totally fun to draw.

Valentine Cartoons #6340


I don’t normally do cartoons with more than one gag in them because I’m basically lazy. But every so often I dig into something like this one and it’s totally satisfying. (I’m particularly proud of Fudgy Epiphany!’)

Valentine Cartoons #6835


That’s right. I took on Sweetest Day. Aw… yeah…

Still not enough? Well lucky for you I’ve got a bunch more Valentine’s Day Cartoons. You’re gonna love ’em! (Get it?! Get it?! Sigh…  I’m sorry.)



Time to Change Your 1988/2016 DC Wallpaper

Happy February!

Just a reminder that if you’re using my 1988/2016 DC Super Powers calendar for your desktop wallpaper, it’s time for an update.

Click on the image below for this month’s 2560 x 1200 wallpaper:

DC Comics Calendar 1988/2016 February

Wanna grab the other months? Here’s all 12 for you!


Cat Cartoons!

Cat cartoons! People love cats, and they certainly provide cartoonists with plenty of cartoon fodder, so it’s no surprise that I’ve done my fair share of cat cartoons over the years. Here’s just a few of my favorites nicely organized into some creative categories for your browsing pleasure:

Election Cats

Cat Cartoons & ComicsNo cats were harmed (or drawn) in this cartoon. And I discovered it’s trickier to draw campaign posters than you’d think.

Dieting Cats


Cat Cartoons & Comics

This cat has a lot to think about. I mean really. Soul searching time.

Doctor Cats

Cat Cartoons & Comics

Anthropomorphic cats are simultaneously the easiest and hardest to draw.

Computer Cats

Cat Cartoons & ComicsMy cat doesn’t do this. I had to look it up. I also like the coffee mug.

Easy to Please Cats

Cat Cartoons & Comics

This was a good two hours of drawing and a fair bit of Google Images research for a little tiny quiet joke. Totally worth it though.

Photogenic CatsCat Cartoons & Comics

Second row, far right is my favorite. He looks a little woozy.

Unpopular Cats

Cat Cartoons & Comics


How does the fish drink? Theories welcome.

Tasty Cats

Cat Cartoons & Comics

Me too. Wait, hold on… Nope, on second thought…

Business Cats

Cat Cartoons & Comics

It tested great with cats.

Proofreading Cats

Cat Cartoons & Comics

This joke makes me feel-ine happy. I just ruined it, didn’t I. My apologies.

Over-Scheduled Cats

Cat Cartoons & Comics

OK joke, but love the photo in the background.

Seussian Cats

Cat Cartoons & Comics

Seuss is SO hard to get right. Reader’s Digest bought this one later and I then had to color it like Seuss. Argh!

Distracted Cats

Cat Cartoons & Comics

I bet it’s like yawning, They’re all going to do it in a second.

Nap-tis Interruptus Cats

Cat Cartoons & Comics

Thought about using the same art for both “Me” and “Ow,” but I’m an artist, damnit!

Intolerant About Lactose Cats

Cat Cartoons & Comics

I hate drawing thought bubbles. They’re trickier than you think.

Want More Cat Cartoons?

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