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LEGO Zombie Spaceship Powered By Brains

Recently I’ve been working on a series of LEGO spaceships based on the months of the year. So, with the Walking Dead starting up again soon and Halloween on the horizon, I present October – The Brainpower! (Click on the pics for larger images.)

LEGO Zombie Spaceship 1

It’s orange, of course, and piloted by a space zombie. Want a closer look? OK, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

LEGO Zombie Spaceship 2

The Brainpower actually runs on 12 LEGO brains built right into its twin engines. And there’s one more brain in a jar toward the rear in case our pilot wants a snack.

LEGO Zombie Spaceship 3

Apparently brainpower glows an eerie green. (Also, I was especially happy to be able to work the new orange brick separator into this model.)

LEGO Zombie Spaceship 4

Side view! Pew pew!

LEGO Zombie Spaceship 5

If you’re flying through space and you see this in your rear view space mirror, hit the gas!

LEGO Zombie Spaceship 6

Braaaaaiiiiinnnnnsss…  ZOOOOM!

And here’s one last long view:

LEGO Zombie Spaceship 7

So there you have my LEGO Zombie Spaceship! If you want to see it super huge, check it out over at Flickr.

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Drawn to LEGO

You might remember a few weeks back I did a How To Draw lesson for a giant robot. Well, the more I looked at the final drawing the more I saw it in LEGO. So I threw this together over a weekend and thought I’d share. Enjoy:

LEGO Jaeger 1
LEGO Jaeger 2
LEGO Jaeger 3
LEGO Jaeger 4
LEGO Jaeger 5

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The LEGO Movie Trailer

This looks like so much fun!

Brickworld 2013

This weekend was Brickworld again here in town, and you know I love the LEGO, so here’s some pics:

Brickworld 2013 Main Hall
Brickworld 2013 Buildings
Brickworld 2013 Mosaic
Brickworld 2013 Weber
Brickworld 2013 Dog
Brickworld 2013 Angry Birds
Brickworld 2013 Marvin
Brickworld 2013 Nintendo
Brickworld 2013 Rabbid
Brickworld 2013 Seahorses
Brickworld 2013 Rivendell
Brickworld 2013 Friends Mech

Now onto some space! Star Wars, Classic Space, and even a little from the Whedonverse.

Brickworld 2013 Chicken Walker
Brickworld 2013 I'm Your Father!
Brickworld 2013 Pew Pew!
Brickworld 2013 Classic Space
Brickworld 2013 Galaxy Explorer
Brickworld 2013 Mega Galaxy Explorer
Brickworld 2013 More Space
Brickworld 2013 Serenity

And lastly, some superheroes!

Brickworld 2013 Heroes
Brickworld 2013 Hellboy
Brickworld 2013 Wolverine
Brickworld 2013 Wonder Woman
Brickworld 2013 TMNT
Brickworld 2013 Batman

It was another great Brickworld, and I already can’t wait until next year!

LEGO Valentine Spaceship

For me there’s nothing more fun to build in LEGO than a spaceship. I love the engines, the cockpit, the space minifigs, and that swooshing sound I can’t help making as I fly it around the house. I love LEGO spaceships!

So, since Valentine’s day is fast approaching I thought I’d channel some of that love into this all-red heart-shaped fighter:

LEGO Valentine Spaceship Top

The dual engines swivel independently for maneuverability and easy landing, it’s armed to the teeth with four underside cannons, and its small size and stealth geometry keeps it off enemy radars until it’s too late.

But a recent skirmish has left our intrepid and beautiful pilot, Capt. Val N. Tine, with an enemy rocket lodged in the fuselage! Can she make it back to base? Why didn’t the rocket explode? And will she discover her enemy attacker was actually her secret admirer, Q-Pid?

Enjoy some more pics:

LEGO Valentine Spaceship Rear

LEGO Valentine Spaceship Q. Pid
LEGO Valentine Spaceship Front
LEGO Valentine Spaceship Side
LEGO Valentine Spaceship Front
LEGO Valentine Spaceship Bottom

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