1966 Batman Valentines You Have To See To Believe

When I saw these 1966 Doubl Glo Batman Valentines on eBay, I could not resist. And once I got a good look at them I knew I had to scan them in and share them! (I’ve even included the packaging and the teacher card.)

Check out Batman’s giant head on the Batcopter one. Nora Fries is cured and loves puns? And what is that creature Batman is apparently stabbing in the neck (THUNK!) with a heart?!

Click on the images to get nice big printable valentines you can give to your own boy wonder or feline-themed antihero!

1966 batplane batman valentine
1966 batcomputer batman balentine
1966 batman-robin batman valentine
1966 batcopter batman valentine
1966 penguin batman valentine
1966 robin batman valentine
1966 mr-freeze batman valentine
1966 varooom batman valentine
1966 riddler batman valentine
1966 zelda batman valentine
1966 batman batman valentine
1966 killer-croc batman valentine
1966 teacher batman valentine
1966 batman valentine packaging
1966 batman valentine packaging back

Happy Bat-entines Day!

Wanna see some more great old superhero valentines?

And just for fun…



15 Valentine’s Day Cartoons That You Will Totally Love

Want to know which Valentine’s Day cartoons get the most love? Here are the cartoons people have downloaded most!

(Click on the cartoons to buy them individually, or sign up for a subscription and download the whole bunch!)

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6524

Drawing all those little Facebook Like hands took a while, but it was totally worth it as this is by far the most downloaded valentine cartoon.

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6081

I had to draw that little candy heart relatively large to get it to read well visually. At that size you’d probably only get two or three in that box. What a gyp.

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6338

Every man’s Valentine’s Day dilemma.

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6407

My wife is a teacher and hates decorating bulletin boards, so I came up with this idea about this teacher who just keeps adding holidays to the mix.

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6332

Drawing cupids is no fun. So I have to feel really good about a cartoon if I’m going to have to draw two.

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6528

You know there’s an interesting backstory there…

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6530

Drawing people in mirrors always bugs me. Add two cupids to the mix and I must have really liked this valentine gag.

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6340

I had endless fun coming up with all the names for these valentine chocolates, but I think “White” was my favorite.

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6341

I wonder if that’s Debbie there in the meeting. Awk-ward…

So those are the most downloaded, but I also wanted to introduce you to this year’s new batch of Valentine cartoons. Enjoy:

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6831

Believe it or not coming up with “Sports Supermarket” took a while.

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6832

Objection! This so-called “expert” is a mythical winged baby!

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6833

See, that’s how they getcha!

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6834

Why is Cupid rubbing it in!? What a jerk!

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6835

Sweetest Day is just the worst. Everyone knows it.

Valentine's Day Cartoons #6836

This totally makes sense. Word is they’re also looking into securing a number of egg and dye contracts.

Well, that’s that. Not satisfied? Check out all of my Valentine’s Day cartoons here! And I’d love it (Get it? Love it?) if you’d consider a subscription.

Still not satisfied?! Sheesh! Fine, here’s some other Valentine’s Day stuff you might enjoy:

But that’s it. Seriously, that’s all I got.

Time to Change Your 1975/2014 Marvel Wallpaper

Happy February!

Just a reminder that if you’re using my 1975/2014 Marvel calendar for your desktop wallpaper, it’s time to update.

Click on the image below for February’s 2560 x 1200 image:

1975 Marvel Comics Calendar - February

Wanna grab the other months? Here’s all 12 for you!


Vine Cartoon Experiment

A while back Mashable challenged readers to create some original cartoons on Vine. I really wanted to join in, but was swamped at the time and didn’t know quite how I’d get my cartoons to work on Vine.

But recently I had an idea I thought I’d try out and I created a few to see if it would work. Let me know what you think!

(BTW, for those of you not familiar with Vine, click the little speaker icon in the upper left hand corner of the image to hear the audio.)





So what do you think? What did you like? What didn’t work? Any ideas for improvements?

BTW, here’s a few of the cartoon Vines Mashable readers came up with.

Henry Martin – An Appreciation

Henry Martin is a cartoonist that really resonates for me. I love the sketchiness of his line, his exquisitely lengthy captions, and the detailed economy of his backgrounds. He’s just terrific and so I wanted to share some of my favorite Henry Martin cartoons with you:

Henry Martin Cartoons 01

What a great surprise caption. Martin makes you wait until the penultimate word to let you in on the joke and lands it perfectly.

And this is a good example of that detailed economy to set the scene. With just a few lines you’ve got a grand home looking out on a stone patio, some mountains, and a tree in autumn dropping its leaves. Amazing.

Henry Martin Cartoons 02

There’s a lovely weirdness to this idea. Is that an alien? Some sort of fairy? A variety of elf? It doesn’t matter. What matters is this thing shows up and for some reason unbeknownst to us gives this average businessman the idea for some revolutionary new product.

But is that enough? No, this guy wants the creature to not only come back, but to explain it again. There’s a lot going on, and even more unsaid. Wow.

Henry Martin Cartoons 03

I showed this to my son and he wanted to know what machine that guy was using. Sigh…

So the typewriter dates this a bit, but replace it with a laptop and this cartoon works as well today as it did years ago. And this is a good example of that long Martin caption that I admire. Three sentences and not a well-crafted word wasted. (“…brighter tomorrow” kills me every time.)

Henry Martin Cartoons 04

I love the darkness of this idea contrasting with the banality of the wife double-checking that the husband has everything he needs for the day. You could never do this cartoon today, and I think that only adds to the appeal. And look at those chairs!

Henry Martin Cartoons 05

Look at the beautiful wash on this. Everything and everybody is nicely defined, the light is going where it should, and there’s a fun casualness that only comes after thousands and thousands of cartoons. And that sucker punch caption is marvelous.

Henry Martin Cartoons 06

Picking just the right word(s) can make or break a caption. For me this cartoon hinges on emphasizing the word “this,” the slightly pretentious name, “Arthur,” and “markedly altered.” A lesser cartoonist might have gone for “really changed” or just plain “altered,” but “markedly altered” slows and shifts the rhythm of the read perfectly.

And please take a moment and admire that terrific shading again.

Henry Martin Cartoons 07

Another odd but wonderful idea for a cartoon, and a real challenge to depict visually. I mean, what does apotheosization look like? And the “in an unprecedented move” in the final sentence is just brilliant.


Henry Martin Cartoons 08

This dinner party kind of scene has always flummoxed me because, to be honest, I don’t go to many dinner parties. I don’t know how the room looks, where people stand, how they dress…  But I think this is a really nice scenic middle ground and I intend to ape it a lot in the coming months.

Henry Martin Cartoons 09

Here’s another cartoon that could totally work today.  And look at the way the scene and demeanor of the characters reinforce the idea of the caption. So nice.

Henry Martin Cartoons 10

The expressions on both the floating head and the wife make me laugh out loud when I read this. Then there’s the shading around the head, the detail on the tablecloth, the goofy I-told-you-so-ness of the caption… This is an embarrassment of cartoon riches.

Henry Martin Cartoons 11

What I love most about this cartoon isn’t the controlled ease of the shading, or even the caption that illustrates a truism of marriage at bedtime, but the fact that this is drawn from behind the couple! Look at that angle! It would never have occurred to me to frame it that way, but Martin pulls it off effortlessly.

Henry Martin Cartoons 12

Here’s another cartoon that’s a bit dated technologically, but I suspect you could still show this to most people and they’d understand the idea behind it. And I respect anyone who can pull off a purely wordless gag this nicely.

Henry Martin Cartoons 13

Another knock-it-out of the park example of Martin’s greatness. Economy of scene, beautiful line and shading, and a gag that not only surprises but implies something more. Even the name, “Miss Beckerman,” is great!

Henry Martin Cartoons 14

I love the melancholy in the humor here. And the giant bare desk, window, and cityscape support the gag so nicely.

Henry Martin Cartoons 15

The gag here is very nice (and well punctuated), but the art here is what stands out for me. First off, that’s a lot of flowers to draw and not skimp on. Then the deft shading implies even more foliage really nicely. Finally the overall shape and framing of the scene is so fluid and natural and so hard to get just right that you can’t help but linger and marvel.

Henry Martin Cartoons 16

This final cartoon is so damned funny in every way. I think it’s my favorite Martin cartoon and embodies everything I love about his work.

So there’s my appreciation of cartoonist Henry Martin. I hope you enjoyed reading it half as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

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