Time to Change Your 1975/2014 Marvel Wallpaper

Happy April!

Just a reminder that if you’re using my 1975/2014 Marvel calendar for your desktop wallpaper, it’s time to update.

Click on the image below for April’s 2560 x 1200 image:

1975 Marvel Comics Calendar - April

Wanna grab the other months? Here’s all 12 for you!


Time to Change Your 1975/2014 Marvel Wallpaper

Happy March!

Just a reminder that if you’re using my 1975/2014 Marvel calendar for your desktop wallpaper, it’s time to update.

Click on the image below for March’s 2560 x 1200 image:

1975 Marvel Comics Calendar - March

Wanna grab the other months? Here’s all 12 for you!


Where I Write Cartoons – Cartoon Techniques

This year I’m starting something new on the cartoon blog called Tools, Techniques, and the Trade. It’s an occasional in-depth look at the weird world of drawing cartoons for a living.

I’ll explain why my pencils have to be made from California Incense-cedar wood, I’ll show you how my Photoshop Actions work, and how I keep track of thousands of cartoons’ comings and goings. (Also, I love alliteration.)

First up is a look at the various places I write my best cartoons most often.

My Office

Locations for writing cartoons - Office

For years I wrote and drew cartoons at a coffee table in the living room. But when our second child was on the way we moved into a slightly larger house and I grabbed a little room downstairs for my office. It’s basically a closet, but I’ve managed to cram in two sets of bookshelves, two desks, a drafting table, a file cabinet, a taboret, a chair, a stool, and probably a quarter million LEGO in various stages of organization. (I’ll show you some pictures sometime.)

When I write in here it’s mostly at my desk. I stare out my little window and jot things down either on a notepad, or in TextEdit. If I’m really feeling writerly I’ll turn on Coffitivity.

It’s a quiet place, I’m surrounded by cartoons, and I can close the door. If you can wrangle yourself a little office in the basement, I highly recommend it.

The Library

Locations for writing cartoons - Library

The library is a terrific place to find inspiration, and I’m lucky enough that our local library is the second largest public library in the state.

I like to go here, pick up  a few books off the New Reads shelves, grab a few magazines, and set up by the big sculpture-y thing upstairs. There’s a big window with lots of morning light, just enough background noise, and millions of ideas just waiting to be pondered. It’s terrific.

The Gym

Locations for writing cartoons - Gym

This is something I discovered recently when both of the kids were finally old enough to be in school all day. I was looking for some exercise and began hitting tennis balls at a wall after dropping the kids off.

It felt good to get a bit of a workout, but what surprised me was how often cartoons ideas came to me while I hit. And not just cartoon ideas, but business ideas too. (I sussed out most of the details for my cartoon subscriptions at the tennis court.)

Now that it’s winter, and a terrible terrible winter at that, I’ve been going to the gym and writing while on the elliptical or the stairmaster, though not as often as I probably should.

There’s a ton of info on the link between exercise and creativity. It’s definitely worth checking out.


Locations for writing cartoons - Driving

Driving is another one of those quiet reflective times, at least when I’m not shuttling the kids and/or the Mrs. around.

Sometimes I listen to the radio mining for little nuggets to play with, but sometimes I just enjoy the quiet and let things marinate in the ol’ noggin. Often I write like crazy on the drive home from the gym. It’s like a creative supercharging twofer.

But my absolute favorite, best, and most productive cartoon writing location is…

The Shower

Locations for writing cartoons - Shower

The shower is a-maz-ing. I’ve written more ideas in the shower than I can count. In fact I’ve considered putting dry erase markers next to the shampoo. (I’m not kidding.) My buddy Jeff worked in advertising for years and will also tell you his best ideas came to him in the shower.

Apparently this is actually a thing that people have researched:

Seriously, Google “shower creativity” – you’ll be amazed.

Those are my favorite writing locations. Where do you find yourself doing your best writing?

Here’s some more on how I write my cartoons:

And here’s some good general stuff on creativity:



NEW! – Yearly Cartoon Subscriptions

Cartoon Subscriptions

Cartoon subscriptions have been a terrific success.

Our amazing subscribers are using their cartoons to connect via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. They’re using their cartoons to engage and gain readers on their blogs and email newsletters. And they’re publishing them on their websites, in their e-books, and even on direct mail postcards.

In fact, over the past year hundreds of subscribers from over a dozen different countries have downloaded and used more than 10,000 cartoons! WOW!

It is so incredibly gratifying to see so many people using and enjoying my cartoons. Thank you so much!

Some of the success, I think, has been due to the value people are seeing. Starting at just $20 a month you can choose from thousands of cartoons and use pretty much as many as you like. But as good as that deal is, today I’m announcing something even better that many subscribers have been asking for – yearly subscriptions:

New Yearly Cartoon Subscriptions

The existing Pro and Premium monthly plans are still available and will continue to be, but some subscribers asked if there was a way they could be billed just once a year. So we’ve added new Pro and Premium plans that not only renew once a year, but save you money too!

Signing up for either of the new yearly subscriptions will save you a little over 16% (and 11 emails!) over the cost of the same year on a monthly subscription. Other than that, the new yearly subscriptions work exactly the same:

  • Thousands of available cartoons
  • Hundreds of topics
  • New cartoons every Monday
  • Cartoons pre-optimized for the web and/or print
  • Super easy downloads
  • No fuss, cancel anytime

So, if you’re a current monthly subscriber and you’d like to change over to the yearly plan, drop me a line and we’ll get you all fixed up. If you’ve been waiting to subscribe, now’s a great time to sign up and save some money too.

How are you planning to use your cartoons?

1966 Batman Valentines You Have To See To Believe

When I saw these 1966 Doubl Glo Batman Valentines on eBay, I could not resist. And once I got a good look at them I knew I had to scan them in and share them! (I’ve even included the packaging and the teacher card.)

Check out Batman’s giant head on the Batcopter one. Nora Fries is cured and loves puns? And what is that creature Batman is apparently stabbing in the neck (THUNK!) with a heart?!

Click on the images to get nice big printable valentines you can give to your own boy wonder or feline-themed antihero!

1966 batplane batman valentine
1966 batcomputer batman balentine
1966 batman-robin batman valentine
1966 batcopter batman valentine
1966 penguin batman valentine
1966 robin batman valentine
1966 mr-freeze batman valentine
1966 varooom batman valentine
1966 riddler batman valentine
1966 zelda batman valentine
1966 batman batman valentine
1966 killer-croc batman valentine
1966 teacher batman valentine
1966 batman valentine packaging
1966 batman valentine packaging back

Happy Bat-entines Day!

Wanna see some more great old superhero valentines?

And just for fun…