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Smoked Deep Dish Pizza

I love to grill and smoke and I had to share a few pics of a smoked deep dish pizza I made for dinner tonight:

Smoked Pizza
SMoked Pizza

You cook it in the oven for the first half, then add the cheese on top and finish it off in the smoker for about a half hour.

So good!!

Chef Boyardee Spider-Man Team-Up!

Turkey Cartoons

There is nothing I don’t like about Thanksgiving turkey. The crispy skin, the big hunks of meat, the cooking the stuffing in it… Just writing this is making me hungry!!

Turkeys are also way too much fun to do cartoons about. They’re fun to draw, there’s the whole impending doom thing, and they were Ben Franklin’s choice for the national bird! Jackpot!!

So, since Thanksgiving is almost here, I thought I’d share some of my favorite turkey cartoons. Gobble gobble!

I do so love drawing animals in ordinary day-to-day situations. Working in offices, sitting on the couch, but one of special favorites is the bar. Animals hunched over drinking their problems away is almost funny enough without a caption. Throw in another holiday related animal and some bitter envy and you’ve got yourself a pretty good cartoon (if I do say so myself).

Ok, I always like selling a cartoon, but sometimes just drawing the cartoon is enough. Turkey newscaster with a turkey murder chalk outline? Fun!!

This cartoon, on further reflection, probably has a little too much going on to work well. You have to see that the doctor character is a plastic surgeon, you have to see that the picture the turkey is handing over is a duck… There’s probably a simpler way to do this with a longer caption, but I couldn’t get myself to stretch it out. Sometimes the balancing act gets a little tipsy.

Mostly I draw Thanksgiving turkey cartoons where the bird is dealing with the upcoming unpleasantness, so this one where the turkey is actually dead is a bit of a departure. But once I got “leftovers” in my head I couldn’t get it out, so we get the sort of sad cartoon above. Still, leftovers is kinda funny.

This cartoon is your basic reversal. What would turkeys eat for Thanksgiving?
You’d think they shy away from the whole holiday, never mind a turkey-ish main dish, but there it is. Who knew?!

Turkey Cartoon #4209 by Andertoons

Pop-up thermometers are inherently funny. They just are. I’m not saying they’re not useful, and I have to admit they’re kind of cool, but the name “pop-up thermometer” is awesomely goofy.

We’ll, that does it for our fine feathered fun. Feel free to check out all of my turkey cartoons, and enjoy your feast, everyone!

Spider-Man Loves Oranges!

I’m not kidding:

Food Cartoons

I love this time of year. We just got done stocking up on candy, Christmas shopping is ramping up, but I think my favorite is right around the corner – turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie!! Woo!

Yep, here comes Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving means food. So, to whet your appetite, here’s a feast of food cartoons:

This kid needs help, and fast!! Foods touching?! Good heavens!!

Seriously though, what is that when you’re a kid? I remember vividly some mashed potatoes co-mingling with some errant mushy canned peas and to this day it still haunts me.

I had no idea when I moved to Chicago that people could feel so strongly about ketchup, or more specifically the lack thereof, on a hot dog. I wouldn’t be surprised if it has caused some marital spats, so I decided to take it even a little bit further for this food cartoon.

Drawing the condiments was so much fun on this one.

Bananas are for whatever reason a real bear to draw. There’s something about the shape that if you don’t get just right ends up looking like a bratwurst. They’re slightly curved, but some parts are straight-ish, and then there’s the tip thingy. Don’t believe me? Try drawing one right now.

As far as the gag goes, I don’t remember exactly when the fact the bananas are good for potassium entered my consciousness, but this is an even better benefit than I’d originally thought.

Theres a lot of really bad shark/chum cartoons out there (trust me), mostly involving friendship puns, so with this cartoon I challenged myself to come up with something different and, hopefully, actually funny. The above cartoon is the result. I think I got it.

And I got to draw a shark in pearls! WOO!

Anyway, feel free to chow down on all of my food cartoons, and don’t forget to leave a few lumps in the mashed potatoes. Trust me.