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Spy vs. Spy vs. Alien vs. Predator

Every so often you see an idea that makes you just want to bang your head with your fist.

Below is just such an ouchable moment courtesy Ryan Dunlavey:

spy vs spy vs alien vs predator

More here! Thanks to Super Punch!

Mad Magazine Game Cards on Flickr

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Holy cow, are these cards fun! Enjoy them all over at Flickr!

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Other Cartoon Blogs You Should Be Reading #2

RichmondTom Richmond is one of those guys you idolize as a kid; he’s an artist for Mad, he’s huge, and he’s got his own Batman outfit.  (OK, truth be told, I wanna be Tom too.)

Plus he finds the time for really interesting in-depth blog posts that make you admire him even more!

Curse you, Richmond!  (Now, back to reading your blog…)

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Ran across The Don Martin Dictionary a while ago, and with the Mad’s Greatest Artists: The Completely Mad Don Martin on the way, I’m glad to have such a comprehensive resource at my command.

Plus it’s a heck of a lot of fun!

Some examples:

  • “SHKLIZORTCH” – Water Squirting Out Of A Telephone Handset – MAD #231, June 1982, Page 31
  • “TOOMP, FWOP, FWIFFFFFF” – Car Hitting Inflated Man,Who Bounces Into The Air Continuing To Inflate – MAD #255 June 1985 Page 27
  • “FURSHGLURK” – Yecch Monster Dropping Into Giant Toilet – MAD #164, Jan 1974, Page 32

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