1966 Batman Valentines You Have To See To Believe

When I saw these 1966 Doubl Glo Batman Valentines on eBay, I could not resist. And once I got a good look at them I knew I had to scan them in and share them! (I’ve even included the packaging and the teacher card.)

Check out Batman’s giant head on the Batcopter one. Nora Fries is cured and loves puns? And what is that creature Batman is apparently stabbing in the neck (THUNK!) with a heart?!

Click on the images to get nice big printable valentines you can give to your own boy wonder or feline-themed antihero!

1966 batplane batman valentine
1966 batcomputer batman balentine
1966 batman-robin batman valentine
1966 batcopter batman valentine
1966 penguin batman valentine
1966 robin batman valentine
1966 mr-freeze batman valentine
1966 varooom batman valentine
1966 riddler batman valentine
1966 zelda batman valentine
1966 batman batman valentine
1966 killer-croc batman valentine
1966 teacher batman valentine
1966 batman valentine packaging
1966 batman valentine packaging back

Happy Bat-entines Day!

Wanna see some more great old superhero valentines?

And just for fun…




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I cry fowl. Mr. Freeze didn’t go by that name until 1968 in the comics. In 1966, he was called Mr. Zero.

Mr. Freeze was namedropped in the 1966 TV show in February of 1966 but this is an almost inconceivable level of synergy.

Ya got me! I just scan ’em in!

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