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Spy vs. Spy vs. Alien vs. Predator

Every so often you see an idea that makes you just want to bang your head with your fist.

Below is just such an ouchable moment courtesy Ryan Dunlavey:

spy vs spy vs alien vs predator

More here! Thanks to Super Punch!

Why So Similar?

Here’s a video showing the original (Tim Burton) Batman trailer side by side with the recent Dark Knight (Christopher Nolan) trailer:

Some kind of sick joke? Oh, wait.  that kind of makes sense I guess…

Sci-fi Magoo?!

OK, so I’m browsing and updating my Netflix watch instantly queue, when I see this is my sci-fi recommendations:

magoo scifi

I’s kinda hard to see, so I’ll list the titles.  Under Sci-Fi & Fantasy there is:

  • Alien Trespass
  • Meet the Holowheads
  • Uncle Sam Magoo
  • The Brother from Another Planet

Anything seem odd there?

I’m no Magoo fan, but I gotta wonder if maybe the old guy gets an alien coming out of his chest or something? Is he fighting alien zombies over unobtanium? Is he Richie Rich’s evil father?!

I don’t want to hit Play, and yet…


sky captain

io9 is one of my favorite blogs. There’s lots of sci-fi, comics, tech, and just the right amount of humor and snark.

Anyway, every few weeks they host a tweetup where participants simultaneously watch a movie and tweet their thoughts en masse.

So Monday night I grabbed my laptop, started up Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and tweeted to my hearts content.

You can see the whole mess here, or see the best tweets (including some of mine) here.


Toy Story Seen Differently

Hey, Toy Story 3 comes out tomorrow!

While you’re waiting, muse on this (WARNING – probably NSFW!):