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FAQ - Purchasing Individual Cartoons

How do I buy a cartoon?

Once you've found a cartoon you'd like to buy:

  1. Click the button for the usage you'd like to purchase.
  2. Keep shopping, or follow the standard checkout.
  3. After your purchase, click the large orange download button for your cartoon(s). Easy!

What exactly will I receive?

Your cartoon will be a print-ready 300 DPI JPEG. Average size for a cartoon is about 5" or 1500 pixels square.

What's a JPEG?

It's a standard graphics file you can use in just about any application.

Can I see a sample?

Yes. Click here to see a sample Andertoons cartoon JPEG.

How quickly will I receive my order?

Immediately after your purchase you will be directed to a Thank You page. Click the large orange download buttons to download your cartoons. Additionally, shortly after your purchase, you will receive two emails: 1) a receipt, and 2) links to download your cartoon.

If you choose to create an account, you can download your cartoon any time you wish.

What about rights and copyright?

Presentations - you may use the cartoon in your presentation as well as in any related handouts.

Newsletters - you may reprint the cartoon once.

In all cases you may not resell the cartoon(s). I retain all copyrights.

I don't have a budget for cartoons but I'd like to use some of your work...

Sorry, but cartoons are how I earn a living. Thanks for understanding.

Can you invoice me?

Yes. Please contact me to make arrangements.

Is this website secure?

Yes. We use industry leader Authorize.NET to process payments.

What is a CID?

Credit cards have security codes to verify the physical possession of the card during checkout.

On Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards, it is the three-digit number immediately following your main credit card number on the back of your card.

On American Express, it is the four-digit number on the front of your card to the upper right or left of your main credit card number.